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Diagnosed: 2016 

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Transplanted : 2022

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Jazrome Coulter, also known by his nickname AJ, is a skilled comedian who utilizes his performances to raise awareness about his battle with kidney disease. Throughout the past two years, he has joined forces with various renowned figures from the entertainment industry as well as news outlets in order to spread his story across the globe.


He collaborates alongside multiple chronic illness foundations throughout the country and has exhibited his talents at more than 26 conferences and events thus far. By artfully interweaving personal experiences with clever wordplay and captivating storytelling techniques, he appeals to audiences of all ages.


Furthermore, he shares poignant insights into what it is like living with kidney disease which adds an additional layer of depth and emotional resonance to each performance. His shows are certain to elicit a gamut of emotions that will leave you uncertain whether you should be laughing or crying at any given moment.



Having undergone dialysis for 5 1/2 years, Coulter recently received a kidney transplant on July 2nd, 2022. Recalling his first time onstage when he told a joke about kidneys and ran offstage only to be approached by a lady who encouraged him to continue performing, he remarked that since then he had never stopped.


Prior to pursuing comedy, Coulter was an accomplished college football athlete who exhibited signs of kidney disease but lacked sufficient information at the time to recognize them. Athletically challenged and believing it was due solely to physical limitations rather than underlying health issues, Coulter eventually abandoned football in favor of focusing on academics.


Years later however, Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis - an autoimmune disorder- would cause both of Coulter's kidneys' failure leading him into dialysis treatment while also struggling through addiction and alcoholism as well as multiple hospitalizations compounded by the death of his twin brother. Despite applying for placement on two separate transplant lists which were ultimately rejected due largely in part because of lifestyle choices made prior; today Coulter views this rejection as being instrumental in helping him transition towards making use of his gift towards assisting others.


Coulter aims to share his journey so far hoping that it will inspire individuals encountering similar struggles not just towards perseverance, but growth despite having disabilities or other medical challenges they may face daily. He spends much of his time traveling across states collaborating actively alongside several organizations focused primarily on chronic illnesses where he delivers motivational speeches whilst sharing humorous anecdotes from own life experiences thereby inspiring hope amongst those suffering from similar conditions alike everywhere!

News 9  2023


2014 Coulter Pre-Dialysis


Lawson Age 4, FSGS

Aj Age 34 FSGS

Nepchure Summit San Diego 2023

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Nepchure Summit San Diego 2023

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