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Our primary goal at Diseased Jokes is connecting. There are so many great organizations, that offer amazing information and patient assistance. The battle against chronic disease can be a lonely journey. But, at diseased jokes we want our clients and patients know. We have your back. As we continue to grow our network expands not only to kidney disease. We cater to Cancer organizations all the way to Muscle Dystrophy.

We will connect you to the information, that will change your chronic disease journey for the better. For our clients, we will build benefits to help bring in the necessary funds to keep your organization in the fight! Let us build your next fundraiser! We also want to reach out to more dialysis patients and chronic disease patients that rely on technology to live. 

This lifestyle change can be both physically and mentally draining. We are currently working with different mental health programs to offer some mental relief, from these very tiring and stressful situations. Lastly, our Founder was formally a college athlete. He went years not knowing about his chronic disease. We would like to build more programs that would allow testing, prevention, and awareness in athletics.

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